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Great Mission Public School (Affiliated to C.B.S.E Delhi) Nursert-12th (Sc., Comm. & Humanities) Himmatpur Block, Ramnagar(Nainital), Uttarakhand

Teaching Aids & Equipments

Home Scholastic Teaching Aids & Equipments

1. Apparatus to teach English by structural method.
2. Apparatus to teach language, science and social studies.
3. Apparatus to develop mathematical and engineering aptitude.
4. Apparatus to develop mental abilities like thinking, reasoning and imagination.
5. Apparatus to develop general knowledge.
6. Do and learn educative games and video games.
7. Apparatus to develop senses like colour, taste, touch, smell and hearing in young kids.
8. Projector, a highly instructive apparatus is provided to teach gen. science, geography and general knowledge.
9. Computer and Television.