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Great Mission Public School (Affiliated to C.B.S.E Delhi) Nursert-12th (Sc., Comm. & Humanities) Himmatpur Block, Ramnagar(Nainital), Uttarakhand

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We are the only in our town that is going to introduce digital class rooms in all the classes (nursery-12th).
A World Of Discovery, In our Classroosm

DigiClass aims at converting traditional classrooms into interactive learning centres by combining state-of-the-art hardware with up-to-date content. Based on "Cognitive Learning Approach" - the most widely accepted theory of the learning process - this solution provides a multimedia resource library with huge repository of animations, several hours of experiments and diagrams. The solution, which includes an interactive whiteboard, a stylus, a CPU, and a ceiling mounted projector, this flexible, ready to use tool, comes with many features such as collaborative games, interactive games like Pictionary, crosswords and quizzesDigiClass's ICT advantage enables today's students to excel in this competitive world.

"Imparting education to today's youngsters, by applying technological aids, is one of the means of making them competitive in this ever demanding world. From black board teaching to the latest interactive board teaching, we have indeed come a long way. It comes with numerous animations, clear cut descriptions, and well-defined graphics for all the subjects. It is truly a boon to both teachers and students." DigiClass offers unique advantages and makes the classroom sessions more interactive and interesting. The solution is structured, easy-to-understand and syllabus-compliant. Difficult concepts in Science and Mathematics are simplified with diagrams and illustrations, making teaching easy and effective. Also, the audio-visual approach enables better comprehension and retention. The solution has been successfully implemented in many schools across India and the world. It is a complete classroom solution for the Schools, consisting of all the necessary hardware and software.

The DigiClass solution consists of:
  • Computer
  • Interactive White Board
  • UPS
  • Server
  • Projector
  • A huge repository of courseware and teaching materials
  • Syllabus-Specific Course Content
  • Resource Co-ordinator

DigiClass makes use of DigitALly™ (Multimedia Enabled Syllabus Specific Course Content), an application to manage an open repository of multimedia learning object.