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Different people can contribute in different ways towards Social Service. It also depends in what capacity an individual can contribute to a cause.. Anyone employed in manufacturing or service sector would agree with the lack of time in this competitive scenario to complete the deadlines. As unlike a full time volunteer in Social Service, one barely gets time for even his personal life. Moreover since for most of us are in beginning of our career, we have the fire to go for the extra mile to build our career. In such a case it seems almost implausible to contribute towards Social Service. Moreover the general mentality, which prevails, is that we are just out of college and we should first live our life in the fullest possible way. Once we will have a family then there will be a multitude of tensions to take care of, but right now one should have the maximum fun.

It is agreed that having fun and enjoying life is a must. But at the same time we can't turn a blind eye to our surroundings. Once we enter into the posh air-conditioned offices we are in a totally different world. Sitting in front of our desktop and sipping a cup of coffee we get cutoff with the world outside. There are people still trying to find a ray of hope, which will make their lives less miserable. Some just can't manage to have two square meals a day. Many children are deprived of basic facilities like food, clothing, shelter, education etc. There are many just begging on streets, cleaning railway compartments, or doing menial jobs to earn a paltry sum to keep their life moving. There are old peoples for whom there is no one to take care. May be they have become a burden for their children and they are sent to old age homes. Or else for some, they have been disowned by their family to sleep on streets. Some may never had a family to take care of. There are many people with disabilities for whom life becomes harsh and above that they are left alone. Misery keeps transforming as you move around but it never vanishes.

We think that it is due to our sheer hard work that we have reached some level in life, which we can be proud of. But we need to stop a while and brood over that is it only due to our hard work that we have traveled this journey so far? Or were we just lucky enough to be born in such a family where there were caring parents to provide us with all the facilities. They put us in a good school, fulfilled our miscellaneous wishes and always stood by our side. Just imagine, if you were born in a dingy slum with lack of even basic facilities. Or had you been an orphan or disabled, would life have treated you the same as it is today?

Life doesn't treat everyone equally. Everyone has his own shares of joys and miseries. But as a responsible human being we can definitely come forward to make a difference in lives of at least few less fortunate ones. It doesn't mean that you should renounce everything and dedicate yourself fully in the name of nirvana. Even a little step taken in the direction to uplift the deprived ones can have long-lasting effects. We all have our personal lives and social and professional commitments to fulfill. But at the same time we should not forgot that we all owe at least some responsibility towards the society and our fellow beings. It's easy to shun away and lead life in our own way. Or else one can try and come forward to make a difference.
As the Friday approaches we all start planning for the weekend. How to chill off fully, so that we can be geared up for the next week. We may like to freak out or go for some movies, shopping etc. etc. How easy it is when you are earning to spend 100 bucks on a movie ticket or a pizza and coke. After all it's our hard earned money and we will spend the way we like it. But if someone comes begging for a rupee while we are standing outside a mall, we may look at the poor fellow with disdain. Have you ever thought of donating a little part of your earning for some noble cause. Donating 100 bucks may be just 0.3 to 1% of your salary but it can do a lot for the poor children. If we all come up with a commitment to donate at least 100 bucks for some good cause, when multiplied it can do a lot without much affecting our lifestyles.

One doesn't have to really go and register with some NGO to venture into Social Service. One can start on his own or tie up with 3-4 ppl to do something constructive. One can find out about the Orphanages operational in the city and visit one of them during the weekends. The children don't expect that you bring something for them. They will be happy just to spend some time with you. Or you can similarly visit some old age home in the weekends. If you come across a small basti near the area you live you can go and teach the children. You can help them in their studies and also provide some stationery for them. And if you are really really hard pressed for time then as earning professionals you can at least donate some money. Money plays an important role can be used in various ways to help the underprivileged people. NGOs and various orphanages and old age homes relies on the donations given by others for their functioning. Help can be extended by other means too in form of buying food, clothes, stationeries etc for the children.
To conclude this article it is underscored that as young professionals we can definitely bring some change for the less fortunate people if we really want to. What is needed is an internal motivation and desired actions to make a difference. Though we may not have any personal gain in this effort, but at least we can be satisfied that our actions are bringing smiles for someone else.